Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WLOP Nighttime Coverage

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During daylight hours, 1370 AM WLOP covers all of Wayne County and well beyond with the sports programming you've asked for.   At night, the rules change.  

WLOP 1370 The Buzz stands in for WIFO-FM 105.5 from time to time during Braves season and carries its own unique sports programming including Georgia Tech basketball, and Georgia Southern Univerity Basketball and Baseball.  WLOP operates on reduced nighttime power as authorized by the FCC. Here is a coverage map showing realistic maximum  Nighttime coverage of WLOP, (coverage of WLOP at night) starting from around one hour before sunset to around one hour after sunrise.   We've set up WLOP to sound as close to FM radio as possible, based on the imposed limitations of AM radio.  Again, this is based on power allotted to us by the FCC as well as weather and interference from other 1370's, as well as real-world listening tests at night.  Maximum nighttime coverage (coverage at night, after dark, on WLOP) reaches 6 miles from the transmitter on the majority of nights under the majority of conditions.  Your results may vary based on weather, your receiver, devices in use that cause interference (including cell phone chargers and other wall warts, cathode tube TV's power lines, and RF generating home appliances).  Please see the map to determine if you are included in WLOP's  nighttime coverage, as allocated by the FCC (if not, consider moving).  Thanks again for listening to FSR 1370, since 1949 all sports all the time.

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